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How are you teaching remotely?

What tools are you using? How are you finding working from home?

Mainly with Teams. It's been a steep, fairly stressful learning curve. Teams is the way forward I think, with sharepoint a useful but less savvy underling. Teams chat has worked well for me with pupils, I've had no problem with boundaries, they seemed to be understood from the outset. Still trying to get to grips with some of the more clunky aspects of setting assignments, for example editable word docs that are editable for most but not all, but the potential for Teams is huge. Giving feedback is easy, you know who's accessed the work and who hasn't. There's accountability and the pupils appreciate the way they can still maintain a relationship through chat, which some really need.

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I would also look at ClassNotebook, it is more structured, and easy to give work out and collect it back in...

I'll have look, but I'd like to step back from the learning curve for a couple of days. It's taking a while for pupils to get used to Teams, I think they need to practise that first.
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