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Governor meetings


I a looking for a solution to allow Governor (and Trustee) meetings to take place during this period.  The organisation uses Teams however it is not widely used (yet) with staff and not at all with the volunteers.  Quite a few have experienced difficulties logging into 0365 and  I need a solution that people of all technical skills can use easily - at the touch of a button (hyperlink).  We have just rolled out a new governor portal and I don't want to ask people to access files form yet another place. Can you advise please ? 

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Hi Jane,

I see you mentioned Microsoft Teams and this would be the solution we recommend at Lourdes IT for schools as it is included with 365 and comes with a high level of security. You are able to send a link out to your meeting attendees that would allow them to join your Microsoft Teams meeting. If they have not got Microsoft Teams installed they can either install it from Office 365 with their licence or they can join by going to and opening the invite from their Outlook. We have many helpful clips on our Youtube channel that can help staff and students such as introduction to Teams. We do not recommend Zoom due to security concerns.

Thanks Jake.  We will be using Teams Trust wide.

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