What is Remote Desktop? What are the benefits for me?

• A quick and easy way to logon to the network via the internet on any PC, Laptop, Mac and several mobile devices.

• Provides full access to files, shares, emails, calendars and programs (SIMS).

It is the same as being logged onto any PC in your school.

Is it secure?

• Yes. All data is encrypted, just like online banking.

• Your password is crucial to security. Do not share, or make it easy to guess.

• Users should also ensure they log off when not using the system.

Can students use this system?

• Yes. The procedure is exactly the same.

What do I need to use it?

• Any school laptop, or any Windows based laptop or computer. It also works on Apple Mac’s, iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets/Phones, Windows Tablets/Phones and Linux

• A reliable internet connection. The speed of your home connection will affect the speed you can connect at. The system will work over 3G/4G but obviously speed will vary dependent on signal.

What do I do if it is not working?

Check the status page, to see if there is a known issue. If not, please log a ticket.

How to logon to Remote Desktop from a Windows PC:

First use, or use on a new device:

• Access your school's secure website (list is below) and login with network credentials.

St Augustine's High: https://secure.st-augustines.worcs.sch.uk

St Bede's Middle - https://secure.st-bedes.worcs.sch.uk

Mount Carmel First: https://secure.mountcarmel.worcs.sch.uk

St Thomas More First: https://secure.st-thomasmore.worcs.sch.uk

St Peter's First: https://secure.st-petersrc.worcs.sch.uk

RSA Church Hill Middle: https://secure.churchhill.worcs.sch.uk

RSA Abbeywood First: https://secure.abbeywood.worcs.sch.uk

Walkwood Church of England Middle School: https://secure.walkwoodms.worcs.sch.uk

Alvechurch Middle School: https://secure.alvechurch.worcs.sch.uk

Birchensale Middle School: https://secure.birchensale.worcs.sch.uk

Parkside Middle School: https://secure.parkside.worcs.sch.uk

Crown Meadow: https://secure.crownmeadow.worcs.sch.uk

• Click on Remote Desktop yellow icon:

• A file will be downloaded – This file needs to be saved somewhere you will be able to access it in the future.

• Double click the downloaded file (e.g. stbremote.rdp, wmsremote.rdp, amsremote.rdp)

• Enter your network credentials  - Do NOT click remember my credentials. Press OK

Subsequent use: once the file has been download, double click it to reconnect in the future