How to share

Once logged into OneDrive, select the document you want to share which will become highlighted. 

Once selected you may notice the taskbar at the top has changed and given you more options.

By clicking the share button you are presented with another screen. 

On this screen you are able to setup the following:

  • Share the selected document with anyone you've shared the link with
  • Share the document with specific people
  • Share it with your school
  • The shared document being editable to people who have access to it, along with an expiration date for editing
  • Email the link 
  • Copy the share URL to your devices clipboard allowing you to paste the link wherever you like

You can change the share and edit options by clicking in the area that has been highlighted in the above picture. The screen you are presented with will look like this

Here you are able to chose from a list that you can share the file with, along with enabling or disabling editing. Click apply once you've selected your choice.

Begin by typing the first few letters of the persons name or email address, a list will appear allowing you to choose the person. You may choose to add an optional message to the person. By clicking send, an email will be automatically sent to the listed person(s). They will receive an email looking like this: