This article explains how to reset your password.

Windows / Work Email / Office 365 accounts

If you have forgotten your password to your account that you use at school, please contact either the onsite technician or the helpdesk by phone.

A member of staff can reset student passwords. To do this you will need to go into your Start menu > Tools > Student password changer.  The student can either press Ctrl, alt, delete and then select the reset password option.

For Windows accounts please note that if you enter your password wrong 3 times in a row, your account will be automatically locked for 5 minutes. Once the time period has elapsed, you may try to login again.

Epraise account

For staff, please contact the onsite technician or the helpdesk. 

For students, please let a member of staff know.

For parents, please go to the Epraise website, select the school your child is at, select the parent tab and only type in the email address registered with the Epraise website - by leaving the password field blank you will receive an email with your login details.


Please either visit the parent pay website or alternative follow this link to the direct page for resetting a password. 


Please visit the website for your child's school. Once on the login page you will be presented with a link to reset your password.