If you find you are on an old fileset version when it comes to performing the Census or Workforce Census then you need to perform the following.

Download the new Fileset.

You should have a link to download the fileset.  This was probably sent to you via a Newsletter Notification.  Click on the link to download.  If asked if you wish to open or save then please choose Save.

Extracting the new Fileset.

Open File Explorer and choose to open your Downloads folder on the links to the left.

In the most recent downloaded files will be your fileset ZIP file.  Double click to open the file.

If it opens in WinZIP

  1. Click Location then browse to the S:\SIMS\ManifestFiles folder.  Click Select Folder to complete.
  2. Click Folder Name then delete its contents (this will mean it will extract directly into the folder in Location.
  3. Click on 1-click Unzip

If it opens in Windows Explorer

  1. select  the 2 files you now see.
  2. Right Click and select Copy (or you can just press <Ctrl> + C to copy the files)
  3. Browse to the s:\sims\ManifestFiles folder
  4. Right Click an empty area and select Paste (or you can just press <Ctrl> + V to paste the files)

Whichever method you used to extract the files, make a note of the filename.

Importing the Fileset to SIMS

Select the following SIMS Menu route.

    Tools > Setups > Import Fileset

On this page it will display your current version.  Click on the Folder icon on the right to open the file browser.

Browse to the s:\sims\ManifestFiles folder and locate the file that was extracted earlier.  Double click the file to make the selection.

Note: Although you extracted 2 files, you are only importing one file.  The other file is a security file to check no corruption has occurred.

This will present some information on the fileset.  Check it is for the correct SIMS release then click Import Fileset.

Once imported you will need to restart SIMS for your machine to make use of the files.

Not everyone needs to restart SIMS, only those who will be working on the Census.