Accessing data from Google Docs or your old email

  • Old Email

Old email should now be in your Office365 email account, if not, please log a ticket with us

  • Data from Google Docs

Unfortunately, the process to move documents from Google Docs to Office 365 is a manual one. You will need to download the documents from google drive and re-upload to your OneDrive

Data will remain in Google Docs for a short period of time. Staff should move over their data ASAP.

You can do the following at school, or at home. If you need assistance, please log a ticket and we will be able to do this for you – however we will need to reset your passwords

Downloading Files

  • Login to Google Docs (there is a link on your desktop in school) please use your Google username (your global id) and the reset password (please ask a technician or staff member)
  • Drag and select all your files and right click (or right click on specific files) and select download
  • Navigate to My Documents > Downloads
  • If you have done multiple files, these have downloaded as a single ZIP file – please extract these files (right click Extract All)
  • If you have single files locate these

Uploading Files

  • Login to OneDrive
  • Follow the link on the desktop, and select OneDrive when logged in
  • Drag the files/folders into the OneDrive window, and they will upload.