1. Open a web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer)

2. Go to https://login.microsoftonline.com  

3. From here you need to log in with your school email address and password which will lead you on to the following page as displayed below.

4. On the left hand side towards the top of the page is a button 'Install Office apps'.  Press this button.

5. It will display a number of options, select 'Install Office'.

6. A download dialog will appear in addition to the screen above.  You need to run the application that is downloaded and say 'Yes' to start installing.

This will install Office365 on your computer.  Depending on your internet connection, it may take some time to download all the necessary parts for the install.  

You can monitor its progress by looking for this icon: next to the clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen right clicking it to view progress.