You will receive a registration email from containing a unique invitation code. You will need this code to set up your SIMS Online Services account. If you have not yet received a registration email, please check your SPAM folder before contacting your school.

IMPORTANT NOTES: To register for SIMS Online Services products, you will need one of the following accounts: Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Follow the link in the email to be directed to the Sign inĀ page.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Parents and students must not attempt to register using SIMS ID. The SIMS ID option is for use by school staff only.

Users should register with a Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Click the icon for the relevant Third Party account and you will be directed to sign in using your existing details.

  • Once registration has been completed successfully, you can access your children at this school.