If you are an administrator at your school for the SIMS Parent App, you must send out the activation codes for new users or for those who have lost their original email.

Users get an email, and then need to register themselves using one of the following accounts: Twitter, Google, Microsoft or Facebook. They then login using the credentials for the service they chose.

To do this:

  1. Login at http://admin.sims.co.ukĀ 
  2. Login with your credentials, for most users in the admin portal, this will be the Sign in with Microsoft button, with the Orange Office365 logo
  3. Click Manage Users

To invite a new user

  1. Select Invite new users
  2. Select Parents
  3. Individual Parents
  4. Search for a user
  5. Click on a parent to select them, you can select multiple
  6. Click the Invite Parents buttton

To resend an activation email

  1. Select re invite users
  2. Click parents
  3. Select the parent (if none is present then they have not had the invite sent previously or they have logged in already)
  4. Click Re invite