1. Log into the printer.
  2. Select "Use Copier Functions".
  3. Select next.
  4. Select a destination folder, eg "Teacher Scans".
  5. Press the green Start button on the printer.
  6. Select the original document size paying attention to the orientation of the document (eg portrait or landscape).
  7. The printer will then scan the document.
  8. Log out of the printer or scan additional documents as above.
  9. Log onto a computer.
  10. Open the start menu by clicking on the Windows icon at the bottom left.
  11. Select Computer.
  12. Open the Scans Drive.
  13. Open the folder you scanned to.
  14. Find the document you scanned, you may have to click on "Date modified" at the top to make your scan(s) easier to find by date and time.
  15. You can then copy your scanned document to "My Documents".