1. Login to Epraise. 
  2. Select Groups > Classes.
  3. Select or search for the class you wish to set your homework for. 
  4. On the top right select Classnotes. 
  5. On the right hand side click new note.
  6. Ensure along the top, homework is selected. Write a short description that parents and pupils will see, and ensure share with students is selected.
  7. You should set a due date. This will then appear in a homework diary for pupils .
  8. You can set a SET date – this allows you to set up a homework that only comes live on the date specified. 


  • You can have up to 50 attachments for pupils per homework. Drag and drop to upload. 
  • You can reuse previously uploaded attachments – These appear under the drag and drop area.
  • You can use attachments uploaded by another teacher – Select Colleagues on the right hand side.