All Directors and Academy Representatives have been given a new Lourdes MAC email address and account which allows you access to both an email account, and the portals for each school.

Accessing the portals and email

  • You will need your email and password.
  • Your email is in the format of
  • If you have an account as a member of staff at any of the academies (exc St Bede’s) you will need to use the Lourdes MAC account. If you are a member of staff of St Bede’s – use your usual logins)

To find the links for portals and emails, please visit the Our Lady of Lourdes MAC website. and select the Directors and Academy Representatives login link.

  • From this page, you can quickly follow the link to the portal(s) you require.
  • You can also login directly to your email account.

The Portals

All the portal layouts are the same, below you can see the layout for the directors portal as an example.