Lourdes IT work on a ticket only issue reporting system. This means that all issues must be logged within our helpdesk for us to work on them. Users must log tickets in one of the following ways:

  • Emailing help@lourdesIT.org.uk
  • SLA Targets begin during working hours or the next working day in logged outside.
  • Calling 01527 359 999 (this includes leaving a voicemail)
  • SLA targets for calls taken or voicemails left begin when the ticket is logged and an email has been sent to a client
  • Online Chat
  • Online chats can be converted to a ticket via the operator at which point SLA targets begin

Tickets logged by any other method and to any other contact point are not covered by our SLA targets.

Business Day/Hours are 8:00am to 5pm Monday – Friday in term time and 9am – 5pm in Holidays

Closed: We are closed at all other times, including Bank Holidays. Our Emergency SLA applies during this time.

SLA Levels

We categories tickets against specific tiers: urgent, high, medium, low. Tickets will be allocated to the tier that fits the issue. If an issue meets several tiers, it will be allocated the highest tier.

Technician allocation

Technicians are banded by their ability and role. Issues will be escalated throughout the tiers if required.
First line technicians are on site, and able to deal with the majority of low level tickets and provide first response
Second level technicians serve as an escalation route for 1st line and oversee ticket completion
Third line technicians resolve core issues, manage emergency responses, proactively deploy solutions and manage infrastructure.

Things that affect response times.

Our SLA is based on a few key things. We only count time in a business day – unless otherwise stated. Where we are awaiting a response from a client, the ticket will be placed in the awaiting response status, and the time will stop. Otherwise the time will run from ticket being logged to when it is resolved.

  • Target Response Time: A response (that is not an automated response) assessing the ticket and the best cause of action will be sent to the users email.
  • Target Resolution Time: The time where we will aim to issue a resolution.

Emergency SLA

Our emergency SLA applies to outages outside of our stated working hours, and can only be reported by key contacts via the agreed emergency SLA pathway. It is for Lourdes IT to decide if an issue should be responded to under the Emergency SLA. The Emergency SLA does not apply in opening hours.

Out of hours support

We offer a self help solution outside of working hours, and we post status updates onto our status page, on our website and via our twitter account. These are for client information.

This covers all our products, rather then showing specific issues, we measure our response based on impact. These tiers examples, ultimately it is up to our staff to classify issues based on this guidance.

Target Response
Target Resolution 
  • Issues are related to the safeguarding of students and staff
  • Issues affect the security or reliability of the network
  • Issue affect whole school access
30 minutes
1 hour
  • Issues affect teaching and learning for a whole class, or significant proportion of users or lesson.
  • Issues affect an event
1 hour
2 hours
  • Issues affect an individual’s ability to perform their role (and the issue doesn’t fit into the above categories.)
  • Issue affecting individual student
1 Business day
3 Business days
  • Team created tickets, or feature requests (and doesn’t fall into the above categories)
1 week