This article will provide you with a useful introduction on why we have the block page on our networks and what to do in different block page scenarios. 

The block page exists on our network to do the following:

  • Protect and safeguard all users by keeping them safe from harmful content.
  • Prevent users accessing harmful sites which may have viruses or Trojans trying to join the network.
  • Prevent banned users accessing the network.
  • To ensure that staff can teach and students can learn without distraction.

How do you know the website has been blocked by Lourdes IT?

If your website has been blocked by Lourdes IT, you will see the following: 

  • The same background as is in this picture with the hot air balloons. 
  • The site URL or IP address
  • The reason the site is blocked, this could be because it is blocked for students or everyone. 
  • The user who is currently logged in should be displayed. If not then please see the section (Unauthenticated IPs)

What to do if the reason for block is students or staff/students?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Ensure that your web address is correct and you are not on a rightfully banned site.
  2. Click the web link "Click here to send us the information"
  3. This should bring up outlook for you to email us the relevant information straight to the helpdesk.
  4. Wait for us to check that the site is safe and be ready to respond if we have additional questions such as "What will the site be used for?"
  5. You will receive a reply saying that the site has been unblocked and for which group(s) of people or it will say that the site is still banned with a reason why.

What to do if the reason for block is unauthenticated IP?

If you see unauthenticated IP in the logged in user, this means that the computer does not know who is trying to access the website so to keep all the users safe it will allow no one to the website. This also keeps websites secure as they may have private details on. As a user you can do the following before reporting this problem to us:

  1. Restart your PC
  2. If you still have problems with unauthenticated IPs, please click the link to send us the information straight to the helpdesk.

What if the reason for block is not to do with the above?

If the reason for block is not to do with the above this is most likely going to be more of a technical issue to sort out. Please click the link "Click here to send us the information" so we can obtain the details required to help you. Remembering that you may be contacted by email for further information on the issue and these tickets may take slightly longer because of investigation into the problem. 

If you still require assistance after reading this article don't be afraid to contact the helpdesk or send in a ticket and we will be ready to help you!