Without the following certificate, you will experience issues trying to do a search using Google or Bing, you can also expect to have trouble navigating websites that use HTTPS encryption on their websites.

When joining a device that is not managed by Lourdes IT to the guest WiFi at Abbeywood or Church Hill, you will need to follow the below steps in order to use the internet:

  1. Download the following file: Smoothwall.crt - this can be found at the bottom of this article
  2. Once downloaded, please double click the file

  3. A new window appears, please select 'Install Certificate'
  4. Please select 'Local Machine' if your device will not allow this, please try with 'Current User'
  5. Please choose the second option 'Place all certificates in the following store' and then click the browse button
  6. A new window appears when browse is clicked, please ensure you have selected 'Trusted Root Certificate Authorities' and then click OK

  7. You should then see a final screen confirming the changes you are able to make

  8. Once finish has been selected, a popup will appear letting you know that the certificate has been installed correctly

    Please remember to close and reopen any browsers, this will ensure that the browser is picking up the changes you have just made