This article will explain how to register your fingerprint on the new Task Alfa printers and link the fingerprint to the account which you use for printing. We have removed the card scanners off the printers in the main block and technology block so you will either need to register a fingerprint or log in using your username and password each time.

1) Press the 'Press to register' button found on the fingerprint scanner. (It is a small button above the scanner but below the mini screen.)

2) Follow the instructions found on the fingerprint scanners mini screen the instructions will include 'Put finger down'and 'Remove finger'

3) Once the fingerprint scanner accepts your fingerprint it will give you a tick, you can then scan that finger to get the second screen (second picture).

4) When you have got the second screen you can fill in the username and password which you use for your school network account to login to the computer.

5) Once you have set the association scan your fingerprint once more and check that it let's you log in.