What is Remote Desktop? What are the benefits for me?

• A quick and easy way to logon to the network via the internet on any PC, Laptop, Mac and several mobile devices.

• Provides full access to files, shares, emails, calendars and programs (SIMS).

It is the same as being logged onto any PC in your school.

Is it secure?

• Yes. All data is encrypted, just like online banking.

• Your password is crucial to security. Do not share, or make it easy to guess.

• Users should also ensure they log off when not using the system.

Can students use this system?

• Yes. The procedure is exactly the same.

What do I need to use it?

• Any school laptop, or any Windows based laptop or computer. It also works on Apple Mac’s, iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets/Phones, Windows Tablets/Phones and Linux

• A reliable internet connection. The speed of your home connection will affect the speed you can connect at. The system will work over 3G/4G but obviously speed will vary dependent on signal.

What do I do if it is not working?

Check the status page, to see if there is a known issue. If not, please log a ticket.

How to logon to Remote Desktop from an Apple or Android device:

  • Once installed, Open the App and create a new connection using the + icon and select "Desktop".
  • You will need to add some information based on the school you work for:
    • Hostname: STA-Remote.sta.lourdesit.org.uk
    • Useraccount "Enter every time"
    • Additional Options: 
      • Under Additional options, you need to add a "Gateway", please follow the settings below:
      • Gateway > Add Gateway > Server Name: secure.lourdesit.org.uk
        • > User Account > "Use Desktop user account" 
        • > Save

  • Now you have added the above you are ready to connect to Remote Desktop. You should see the Icon for this now on the Remote Desktop Screen. Click this to start your remote session.
  • Enter your Username, if your username for school was "jbloggs" please enter it as follows:   jbloggs@STA
    • (Ensure that no username or passwords are saved, as this wont let you re-connect.)
    • If a warning about the certificate for "sta-remote.sta.lourdesit.org.uk" appears, please choose "dont show this again" and click accept.