Double click the Reset Student Password icon:

Start to type the FULL username of the pupil and then click the Search/binoculars icon.

If a number of pupils have a similar name then you may get a pop-up giving you several options

If applicable select the name of the pupil whose password you are trying to reset and click OK.

You now have a number of options:

  • You can set the password yourself and tick Force Password Change at Logon. This will force the pupil to think of another password as soon as they put in the password that you set.
  • You can type in the password that the pupil wishes to use.
  • You can Disable the pupil’s account if required, as well as Enabling the account if it is Disabled.

Once the password has been typed in you will see the Change Password button will become active.

Password Rules:

  • Must contain at least one uppercase
  • Must contain at least one lowercase
  • Must contain at least one number
  • Can not contain part of the user’s name
  • Must be at least seven characters long