This article will allow SIMS System Managers provide more access to marksheets in SIMS. This can be useful if you have a Head of Department who requires more access than just their own classes which Assessment Operator would provide. There are two solutions to this in which you can provide someone with more access to marksheets which are providing the assessment coordinator role or making them a course supervisor.

  1. You can make them an Assessment Coordinator. This will give them access to every marksheet in the school. You can do this by going to the following:
  • Focus -> System Manager -> Manage Users

  • Search the user who you would like to add the role to.
  • Go down to "3 Groups" -> Click Add and select the Assessment Coordinator role. 

        2. You can make them a Supervisor to the course in which you want them to have more marksheet access. This will give              them access to the courses you make them a Supervisor of to do this use the following:

  • Tools -> Academic Management -> Course Manager -> Maintain Course

  • Search the relevant course. e.g. PE
  • Select from the results the course you would like to select.
  • Go to the Supervisors section and click New.

  • Search the person you would like to give the marksheet access to.
  • Select a Supervisor title for them such as Head of Department and how long would you like to give them access for.
  • Click save up the top before exiting out.

Any further help with this (SIMS SLA) contact us at or phone 01527359999 for the helpdesk.