Laptops are pre-setup just for you - when you turn on your laptop:

  • The laptop will not switch on until you have plugged it in.
  • Press the power button on the right-hand side of the device and let the device load, this may take a few minutes. 

Important: Do not restart the device or disconnect power during setup.

  • The laptop will ask you what region – choose United Kingdom
  • The laptop will ask what keyboard layout – choose United Kingdom
  • The laptop will ask about adding a second keyboard choose skip
  • The laptop will ask to connect to your Wi-Fi, or you can connect with a cable.
    1. Select your home Wi-Fi network from the list
    2. Enter a password if required

TIP: You can find your home Wi-Fi Information on your broadband router.

  • The laptop will then setup itself. Depending on your internet speed this could take around an hour, please leave the device connected to the internet and power.
  • You will know when the device is ready, as Office and Edge will be installed, and upon a restart you will see your school’s custom wallpaper.

Updates and additional programs are installed over the internet, and your device will let you know when it is doing this, updates will be installed after 8pm and before 6am generally.