The issue: emails from one user are immediately going to the junk folder, this is not notifying the user and therefore they aren't receiving these emails. 

There are two ways of solving this the 1st fix allows you to create a rule to automatically move an email from the junk folder (in this example) to another folder; the 2nd fix should only be used if the 1st fix doesn't work.

This should be the first step, and is able to be done by users. This allows users to re-direct emails from their junk folder or other folders based on: Date of sending; recipient(s); sender; when specific words appear in the subject or body of the email, etc.

Creating a rule to auto-move emails


  1. Right click on email
  2. Go to rules and then create rule
  3. Tick the top box, it should say "from [Insert email address]" or "from [Insert name of mailbox or name of sender, e.g. Accounts]"
  4. Tick the "Move the item to folder" and then select Inbox and then ok
  5. Click ok again
  6. I would recommend in the next screen that you untick the box marked "Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder", otherwise all of the items in the current folder (this includes if you are moving from the deleted items folder) will be moved back into the inbox.
Outlook (Office 365):
  1. Right click on the email> Advanced options> Create Rule
  2. Create a name for the rule, so: "Move Lourdes IT emails to Inbox" for example.
  3. Underneath add a condition, in the drop down box select "From" then add the email address of the user
  4. Underneath add an action, in the drop down box select "Move to" and in the "Select a folder" drop down box select "Inbox"

Using the "Safe Senders" list to exclude an email from junk email folder

If you click on "blocked Senders" instead of "safe senders" on Outlook then you can automatically make any email move to the Junk folder if they are sent from that email address.

Outlook (Desktop):
  1. Right click on an email and go to "junk" and then "Junk Email Options..."
  2. Click on the "safe senders" tab
  3. Click on add and type in the email address of the user
  4. Click on apply and ok.
Outlook (Office 365):
  1. Click on the settings cog (top right hand corner, next to your account) and click on "view all outlook settings" at the bottom of the panel.
  2. Select the email tab on the left and then Junk Email on the sub-tab
  3. In the junk email tab click on the add button under the "Safe senders and domains" text. Type the email in here and press enter.
  4. Click on save in the bottom right hand corner.