Outlook Online

  • Once clicking on the cog, go down to 'View all Outlook settings'.

  • Once clicking on 'View all Outlook Settings' go down to Rules

  • If you already have rules in place you will see them here, but if you want to create a new rule select 'Add new rule'.

  • With creating a rule you can set a condition so an email (or multiple emails) from a certain email address moves to a folder, rather than going in your inbox. This makes your inbox more organised.
  • Once setting this up in Outlook Online, this will transfer to the Outlook app on your desktop.

  • If you want to run the rule now, this will get any emails that you already have in your inbox and move them to a folder that you have created with the 'Add an action'.

  • If you have rules in place already you can run the rule, by just pressing the little play icon.

  • If you wish to edit your rule, simply click on the little pencil icon.