If you experience a message of "Incompatible Database" when opening SIMS then your machine did not pickup a recent SIMS upgrade.  There is something that users can try before logging a case.

In the System Tray (bottom right corner of the screen) there should be a Solus icon.  You may need to click on the up arrow to see the hidden icons.

If you do not see this icon then you will need to log a call for the service desk to assist.

If you do see the icon, double click on the icon to bring up the Solus3 Agent Notification window as shown below.

Click on the Applications Tab and it will display SIMS versions.  Note: You may not see Discover Client.

Where the version number is not as expected, you can click on the "Check for update" button.

Expected SIMS version:

Spring 2021      = 7.198.xx.x   {Known}

Summer 2021   = 7.200.xx.x   {Guess at time of article being written}

Autumn 2021    = 7.202.xx.x

Spring 2022      = 7.204.xx.x

Summer 2022   = 7.206.xx.x

Autumn 2022    = 7.208.xx.x

Click Check for update on the required product to start the installation.

You may get a message similar to this. Don't worry if you do not.

Click Yes to reinstall the current upgrade which may fix the issue.

You will get a message stating that the Update will be deployed.  Click OK to continue

The Solus3 Agent Notifier will now change and display the following (version and product may differ)

You can click Deploy Now to speed up the process, otherwise it will automatically start within 2 minutes.

It will then display this message (version and product may differ) whilst it is installing.

When finished it will display the original message.

Please try SIMS again.

If you still have the Incompatible Database message then someone on the service desk will need to investigate further.

Please specify on the case that you have "Clicked on the 'Deploy Now' on the Solus3 Agent Notifier".