This article will explain how to bring your bookmarks/favourites from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge. We are using Microsoft Edge more now than ever as it is linked to your Microsoft Office 365 account which you use in school. If we link these together it means when your signed in you can save your favourites just like you did when you had Chrome but it is all kept within the 365 platform.

1. Firstly, open up Microsoft Edge on the PC in which you are working on. There should be a Microsoft Edge icon on the desktop.  An image of what the icon looks like is below.

2. Next, go to the top right corner in Microsoft Edge and select the three dots. On the menu that opens, select settings. Below you will find a picture of the settings screen. 

3. Select the highlighted option of "Import Browser Data". This will give the options which are shown below:

Ensure you change the dropdown for "Import from" to Google Chrome. You should also change "Profile" to either the only option or the option with your name (If you signed into Google Chrome to save bookmarks) Ensure that "Favourites or Bookmarks is ticked".

  • In the event of no bookmarks being imported (and you do not have a Google Account), please see this article about how to create a HTML file of your bookmarks. Backing up Bookmarks in Chrome 
  • If you do have a Google Account, please ensure you have logged into Chrome prior to doing this.
  • In the event of the HTML file article not helping, please submit a ticket via the Lourdes IT Helpdesk on or call 01527 359 999 so we can take a further look.