Resetting a user's MFA details requires the user to re-register at next log-on. Proceed as follows. 

  1. Go to, and sign into the Microsoft Azure portal using an account with administrative privileges. 

  2. From the left-hand menu, click Azure Active Directory and, from the options given, click Users. 

  3. + Create a resource Home Dashboard All services All resources Azure Active Directory Resource grups All services Overview Overview o Search (Ctrl Overview Getting started Manage R Users Groups

A list of All users appears. 

  1. Search the list for, and click on, the desired user. 

  2. - All users Users Activ e Directory R All users R Deleted users Password reset @ user settings + New user colin Name —f— New guest user Colin (Cloud Direct) Bulk create Search attributes Name, email (begil

The selected user's Profile page appears. 

  1. On the left-hand menu panel, under Manage, click Authentication methods. 

  2. Colin (Cloud Direct) Manage Profile Assigned roles Groups Applications Licenses Devices Azure resources Authentication methods - Profile

An option bar appears at the top of your screen. 

  1. Click Require re-register MFA. 

  2. Save X Discard Got feedback? p Reset password O Require re-register MFA Revoke MFA sessions Authentication methods ere the ways your users sign into Azure AD. Here, you can set the phone numbers end email addresses that users use to perform multi-factor authentication end self-service password reset, and reset a users password. Authentication contact info

If the user's device has been lost or stolen, then also click Revoke MFA sessions. 

This resets the user's MFA details, and they must now re-register their MFA methods upon their next sign-in