This guide covers accessing and using the Witton Booking System.

Getting on and logging in to the Booking System

From the school intranet page, follow the tile to the Booking System.

This brings up the login screen.  Login with your normal computer credentials. (This is linked with the school network)

Once logged in, you should now be able to see all bookable resources for Witton.

How to make a booking

First select the date you wish to make a booking, by default it selects today.  

Click the date to change it.

Scroll through the date picker and select the date you wish to make a booking.

Then find the cell for your resource.  
In the example below, the A Laptops are being booked for Lesson 1. Click the tile on the timetable to make a booking.

A window dialog appears for you to input some details.  Fill these in and press Book.

Once booked, it will then appear on the booking system as shown in the image below.