> Login to Outlook online via https://outlook.live.com/owa/ you can also login to Outlook through Microsoft 365 via portal.office.com 

> Once in Outlook go down to the calendar icon at the bottom left hand corner.

> Then hover over the calendar you want to share, three small dots should appear.

> Once pressing on the three dots these options should appear, go down to Sharing and permissions.

> You then want to enter the person's name or email address that you want to share this Calendar with.

> Once entering the person's name or email address, it should pop up with a drop down list like this.

> You can choose from a number of options, if you would like the person to view and edit, simply press 'Can edit'.

> Then simply press Share and this will send them an invitation in their email so they can add your Calendar to their Calendar's.

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