How to use our Help Desk System

Lourdes IT operates a ticket system for supporting our users, with in excess of 300 new issues logged a day, it is important that we are able to keep track of issues, that may span different users at different sites.

You can log a ticket in one of the following ways, once submitted - it is assigned a reference number, which we can use to quickly locate your ticket.

We use a help desk system to keep track of all issues, and users who have had those issues at our sites, this helps us pro-actively focus on making sure we solve the root cause of bigger issues.

Method of submitting a ticketOpening Times/Availability (Monday - Friday)How to useKey feature
Help Desk PortalAvailable 24/7 to log
Monitored 7:30am - 5pm
(8am) School Holidays
Sign up for your account here 
View your past and present tickets online.
Access to Self Help Articles.
Quick Search of Articles
Provide more information
EmailAvailable 24/7 to log
Monitored 7:30am - 5pm
(8am) School Holidays
Email Quick and easy 
Phone7:30am - 5pm
(8am) School Holidays
01527 359 999Remote Support available to fix quickly.
Live Chat9am - 4pm Term Time OnlyVisit  and click on red chat icon bottom right of screenDirect to a technician, who will respond and work through issue.
In PersonYour school will have allocated onsite support daysSpeak to one of our technicians who will happily log your issueFriendly and helpful!

Please do not email a technician directly for support, as they will only complete jobs logged in our Help Desk system.

For non technical questions, please call 01527 376 003 between 8:30am and 4:30pm to speak to our customer service team.

How quickly will you solve my issue?

Your ticket will be given a priority, and based on that priority it will be assigned a resolution time. Our response is measured in business hours, which are between 7:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We aim to respond within our SLA 94% of the time.

StatusLowMedium (Default)HighUrgent
Impact of issue reported.
  • Team created tickets, or feature requests (and doesn’t fall into the above categories)
  • Issues affect an individual’s ability to perform their role (and the issue doesn’t fit into the above categories.)
  • Issue affecting individual student

  • Issues affect teaching and learning for a whole class, or significant proportion of users or lesson. 
  • Issues affect an event
  • Issues are related to the safeguarding of students and staff
  • Issues affect the security or reliability of the network
  • Issue affect whole school access
Target Response Time1 week1 Business Day1 hour30 minutes
Target Resolution TimeNone3 Business Days2 hours1 hour.

What do the different statuses mean?

You can view your ticket's status by logging into the portal, or on any emails we send.

To keep you informed of the current state of your ticket, we assign different statuses to the ticket as it progresses. The table below outliners what each means, and if the timer is on. If the timer is on - this means that it counts against our SLA target, if it is off, it means we do not count time in this status towards our SLA targets. This is because we often cannot control the wait due to external influences.

Status NameWhat does this mean?Is the timer on?
(Being Processed)
The ticket has been logged, a technician will pick up the ticket, assess and begin working on it.Yes
Pending ActionThe ticket has been picked up but we are not currently working on itYes
ResolvedThe ticket has had a resolution sent which we think will fix the issue. You will get an email to confirm all is fixed after 72 hours.No
ClosedThis issue has been closed following the 72 hour periodNo
Waiting on Customer
(Awaiting your reply)
We have sent you updates, and require your response to progress the ticket.

You will get a reminder after 24 and 72 hours to provide your response, if we don't hear from you, your ticket will be automatically closed. Just reply to reopen.
Waiting on Third PartyWe are waiting on a third party to complete work, or provide information or attend site. No
Waiting for Site VisitWe have got your ticket, but we can only fix when next onsite, the next visit will be as per your rota, and we will complete this ticket then.No
Awaiting Action on Specific DateYou have asked us to do something at a specific time, it's logged and will be actionedNo
Escalated - needs actionWe have had a request from one of our technicians to look into your issue in more detail and with a 2nd or 3rd line member of the team. The ticket is awaiting this team to pick it up.Yes
Escalated - in progressThe ticket has been escalated and is now being worked on by one of our technicians. Escalated tickets are usually more tricky and so may take longer to resolve.Yes
Actively working onWe are actively working on this ticket (used when a ticket may take more time)Yes
Request More InformationYou have not provided enough information for us to complete this task.No

What can Lourdes IT help with?

We will help you with anything we can IT related, whether that is software on your device, or the hardware itself. We will always try to provide the help and assistance you need, so please ask us anything you need too, and if we can't help - we will find someone who can.

What can't Lourdes IT help with/control

IssueWhat we can do to help
Availability of third party systems and websitesWe can't control whether a third party system is working correctly, however we can monitor and let you know when it is working, or log the issue with them on your behalf
Anyone that is not a paid employee, registered volunteer (including governors/directors), student* of the establishment with an SLA with us.

*We will assist parents with students support requests
Our contract is with the school, and therefore we can only support direct representatives of the school.

You have closed my ticket, and it isn't resolved/ I have a complaint

We are sorry if we have closed your ticket early - please simply reply to reopen it, and our technicians will get back on resolving it.

If you have a complaint, please read our dedicated page on our website: If things are not right.