Temporary solution whilst BromCom is being rolled out.

The aim is Single Sign-On enabled across the MAC as part of the rollout but there are changes to the email accounts happening as part of the MAC merging.

This article is to be retired by October 2021

A user can link their BromCom account to O365 for single sign-on enabling ease of opening.

Whilst logged on as the user they click on the photo in the top right (or the icon next to the Bell if no image is in your record.

Select My Account from the drop down menu.

In the top left you click on the Link with Microsoft Account

The screen will now take you to the O365 login screen.

Sign in with your O365 username and password.

Afterwards the screen should look like this:

Your account is linked to your O365 account.  When yo are logged in it will no longer ask for a password.

You can remove the Single Sign-On by clicking the Bin icon on the same page.

Part of Single Sign-On is a PIN to disable projector mode.

You will be asked to set this the first time you login with Single Sign-On.

If you forget your pin then this can be reset by the office staff so you are asked again on the next login using Single Sign-On.