Having trouble connecting to a meeting, webinar or training session with the following screen?

There is a simple solution.

Warning:  You are about to unblock a file.  You should only follow these instructions when instructed to by Lourdes IT and you know the source is an expected supplier.  Not all files are safe to unblock.  

If in doubt - ask Lourdes IT.

Click on the webinar link again.  During the process before the above error screen appears, it will inform you of a file that has been downloaded.  Make a note of that file name (which will probably end with a number in brackets).  When the error occurs, close the error.

Browse to you downloads folder.  You will see the file listed.  Right click the file and select Properties.

In the bottom of the screen will be an Unblock tick box.  Place a tick in the box and click OK.

Now you should be able to open that specific file which will get you into the training.