Within Arbor, you can create school notices. These are notices which appear in the top right box on your dashboard called school notices. These may be used when an administrator in the school would like to announce something to everyone on Arbor. The school notices are not visible to parents/students, they are only visible to staff.
You must ensure you have permissions to post school notices before proceeding with this article.

School Notice

This is the School Notices box. It contains any notices that school administrators have posted.

Managing your school notices

To reach the screen where you can manage notices, go to School -> Communications -> Notices

Current Notices - These are notices which are currently listed in your School Notices box on the dashboard.

Future Notices - These are notices which are scheduled to be listed in your School Notices box on the dashboard.

Archived Notices - These are notices which have expired past the end time which you have set for that notice. They are no longer on the School Notices box.

When you click the Create new notice in the top right of the screen, a window popup will appear for you to fill in the notice. You must set a start date/time. The end date/time is optional depending on whether you would like to manually end the notice.

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