Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Allows you to Publish Documents to MCAS.

From the left menu go to Modules > MyChildAtSchool > Administration > Published Documents.

Create the Document in the MIS and Publish to MCAS

Before opening the Published Documents page, you will have to create the Documents to be published, for instance run a report and click on the Schedule or Export button.

When Exporting or Scheduling a report tick the Publish to MCAS box and either the Single Document or the Multiple Documents box.

Selecting Publish to MCAS will instantly publish the report to the parent on MyChildAtSchool under the Reports Widget.

Note: If several documents have been produced ticking the Single Document box will create a single export file containing multiple documents and the Publish to MCAS box will not be accessible. Selecting the Multiple Documents box will produce a single document for each report, for instance if the focus is on Student a single report will be produced for each Student.

View and Edit the Published Documents

The Published Document Settings page shows what has been Published or Unpublished and if the Send Push Notifications option has been selected.

If the Send Push Notifications option has been selected a Push Notification will be sent only when the new Document is Published on Today’s Date or 9.00 AM on the selected Date.

Use the All Documents dropdown to view All DocumentsPublished Documents or Not Published Documents.

  • Update – will add the current date in the Published Date column
  • Apply – will add the Accessible From date in the Accessible From column
    • This is the date the Published Document will be available from for MCAS Users

You can also choose to Unpublish or Publish documents by ticking the document(s) in the left and clicking the Update button. The page will refresh showing Published Date to the right of the selected rows. Selecting a document and clicking Update will change the status from Published to Unpublished or Unpublished to Published.