Here are the recordings from the recent BromCom Training sessions.

Please note that we will not be using the finance areas of BromCom so please ignore these areas when talked about in the recordings.

All users

BromCom - System Basics -

Please ensure you use the System Basics as a starting point to any other BromCom training.

Notes regarding the System Basics:

  • They mention about the support desk for logging cases.  Please log all cases with Lourdes IT HelpDesk.  We have the ability to escalate to BromCom if we can resolve the issue.
  • Email messages will be linked to O365 so there will be no charge for emails.

Primary School based training

MCAS (My Child At School) -

Office Managers -

Primary Assessment -

Staff Management -

Secondary School based training

Assessment Leader -

Attendance Officer -

Behaviour Module -

Cover Manager -

Curriculum Managers -

MCAS (My Child At School) -

MIS Managers -

Office managers -

Staff Management -

Student Portal -

Student Services -

Recordings useful for any school phase

Diary -

Reporting -

Other recordings that may be of interest (not from Holy Family or Our Lady of Lourdes recordings)

Quick Reports (1 hr) -  

Quick Reports (1.5 hrs) -

Reporting (Primary and Secondary) -

Managing Admissions in BromCom -

Diary -

Short on Time?  Bitesize Training are all under 30 minutes long

Staff Management -

Quick Reports -

How to Setup a Parents Evening -

How to Amend a Period Structure -

More videos to be added at the end of the week