Some schools have their photocopiers set to Black & White as default for printing, which means you may have to manually set the photocopier to colour as you print. This is a per print job task.

1. Open a document you would like to print in Microsoft Edge and select print so that you are on the print selection screen. Selecting colour on this screen will not print the document in colour. This is because the photocopier overrides the setting. You will need to select "Print using system dialog"

2. Select your printer or if you cannot find the printer you can select Find Printer. We have an article for adding a printer if required. Adding a Printer : Lourdes IT 

3. Once you have selected your printer, click on preferences. 

4. Select Full colour as highlighted. (Different photocopiers have different preference layouts. If unsure feel free to ask.) Select Ok at the bottom of the preferences box.

5. Select Print

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