CTF file has a naming convention to help show where the file came from and is going to.

The first 7 digits is the establishment number for your school.

The the letters are the type of file.  Usually CTF for a standard CTF file transferring a students details to a different school.

The following 7 digits is the establishment number for the destination school.  This is important to be correct otherwise the destination school may not receive the file.

The last numbers is the file number.  In the above example from a test database there have been a total of 26 CTF files generated between the two schools.

If the file name is wrong when you generate a CTF file then we need to check the destination school is set correctly.

How to fix:

Config > Administration > Schools

Search for the school you are trying to send to.  The number is generated from the County and the Establishment Number (4 digits) to make a 7 digit number used in the CTF File name.

Check the areas underlined below in red are set to the correct values.    The important thing is the Establishment Number is the last 4 digits of the 7 digit school number.

The number underlined in green is not used for CTF files and can be left empty if not filled in.

If you make changes, Save then attempt to generate the CTF file again.