For Teachers – How To Create a Seating Plan

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Updates to the Seating Plan Page in V6.1

New Action Button

An Actions button has been added to the Seating Plan page and Students are now selectable by ticking the top left box, then the relevant Action can be selected and implemented.

Copy Seating Plan – for Teachers

A new option for TeachersCopy Seating Plan, has also been added to under the Actions button. Clicking on this will open a pop-up listing all of the existing Seating Plans, select the one required from the dropdown list and click the Copy button. If all or some of the Students are the same as in the selected list tick the Copy Student Seat Allocations box. This will allocate the Students to the same seats, any Students who are not in the destination Class will be ignored.

Once you’ve copied the Plan, it will appear in the Classes With Seating Plan dropdown.

ImportantSeating Plans can only be copied by the Teacher for the Classes they teach. Administrators or other Staff can create Seating Plans but they will not be able to copy them. If you are not the Teacher assigned to that class and you try to copy a Seating Plan, you will receive the below error message.

Updated on November 1