Your laptop is managed remotely by a piece of software called Microsoft Intune


This allows the IT team to remotely install software and make changes to the set up of the computer


Over the next day or so you will notice that you get a folder arrive on your desktop called printers


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This has been sent to your laptop in order for you to be able to install the printers at school.   It will install the Mono and Colour FMP printers that are most commonly used in school.


It does however require some interaction from you as it is going to need you to enter your domain credentials.  Whilst this sounds scary – it really isn’t – your domain credentials are simply your username and password.


Email address =

Password = ThisIsAVeryLongPasswordandHopefullyNoOneCouldGuessItBibble2098$


Domain credentials

Username = jwillis

Password = ThisIsAVeryLongPasswordandHopefullyNoOneCouldGuessItBibble2098$


To install the printers you MUST be onsite in St Benedict’s and be connected either by a network cable or connected to the SBA-2 wireless


Once you are connected to the network, double click on the printers folder and then double click on the Install Follow Me Printers link inside it


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It may take a few seconds to start as the program checks that you are on the correct network and whether or not you are able to access the printers.

It will then ask for your logon details (you will be prompted with a box like this

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Enter the details requested and click ok

This information will then be saved and the printers will be installed

Initially you will not need to select a department when printing but this will come back into action over the next couple of weeks


Any issues please call the help desk and someone will be able to help troubleshoot.