Meadows First School
How to setup OneDrive


Find the OneDrive icon on your desktop.  It should look like this.


Note: If the icon is a white rectangle, you may need to reboot.  If this continues to be an issue, contact


You will be prompted by this screen to input your school email address, fill this in and click ‘Sign In’.


Input your password.

Click ‘Next’ through the following 4 screens.  These screens give a quick overview of how OneDrive works.


Click ‘Later’ on this screen.


Click ‘Open my OneDrive folder’.


Now in Windows Explorer, on the left-hand side you will see ‘OneDrive – Meadows First School’.  


This is your personal school OneDrive within Windows Explorer.     Think of this as your cloud based ‘My Documents’.


Syncing with SharePoint

Navigate to the school SharePoint site you wish to sync files from.    
Click the ‘Sync’ button at the top of page.

When you press ‘Sync’ you will be prompted by this dialog window.


Check ‘Always allow …’ and then press ‘Open Microsoft OneDrive’.


When you open Windows Explorer now, on the left-hand side, next to your OneDrive, will be ‘Meadows First School’, inside that will be the SharePoint you have synced.


You can repeat these steps for other SharePoint sites the school has. (e.g SLT Share)