Are you having issues, not being able to save files to OneDrive, or have you noticed that OneDrive in your file explorer is appearing as a 'guest' account.

Common Symptoms:

  • OneDrive appearing as just OneDrive, without your account information, when saving or downloading files.
  • Not able to open OneDrive in your file explorer, or no files showing in OneDrive whilst using the file explorer
  • No OneDrive directory in your file explorer.

Please see the below to setup OneDrive correctly.

  1. This firstly depends on the school, and whether OneDrive desktop app has been deployed to your school. To check this please open up the start menu and type in OneDrive, this should then show the OneDrive app, which looks like a blue cloud icon inside a folder.
  2. If this is appearing then that means that OneDrive is installed on the machine. You can now close this down. Instead please click on the up arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Please see the image above, after clicking on the up arrow, you should see a little grey cloud icon, with a line going through the centre, this shows that OneDrive is not signed in. If you can't see this icon, then please complete step 1 again and this time open the OneDrive application, this will start the client and should prompt you to sign in.
  4. After clicking on the grey OneDrive icon, you should see the following screen:Please click on sign in and log in with your school Office 365 account.
  5. Next you should see the following screen: Please review the information under "Your OneDrive folder is here" and ensure that you are logged into the correct account, the account name should be the same as the username you used to log into the device.
  6. Please see the image above, if you see the message and options in the image above, and have confirmed that in the image in point 5 that the username is correct then please click on use this folder.
  7.  The next steps should be the introduction steps to OneDrive, if you see this please click on next until they are gone.
  8. When you get to the "Get Mobile App" section you may skip it by clicking later if you wish alternatively, if you want to setup OneDrive on your phone please click on Get the mobile app, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  9. When the setup is complete, please click on "open my OneDrive folder" and it should have synced your OneDrive content to your device, if nothing is showing then please wait for a few minutes and then click on the up arrow in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen as you have done in point 2 of this help guide. Here you should notice that a blue cloud has replaced the grey cloud, seen in point 3 of this guide, if it hasn't then please sign in again, if you are unsure if it is syncing your OneDrive to your device then you can hover you mouse over the icon and it should say syncing - if it is still setting up your OneDrive account onto your device, or up-to-date if it has finished syncing your OneDrive content.
  10. You should now have access to OneDrive in your file explorer and it should appear either above or below "This PC" on the left hand side tab as  OneDrive, with your username/email address/business details next to the tab. Please be aware any modifications you make to OneDrive in your file explorer will directly affect your OneDrive account as a whole, so if you delete a file you can recover it in the recycle bin in OneDrive.