Your laptop or computer will need to be setup to access these servers by Lourdes IT. Devices have to be setup per user, settings do not migrate user accounts.

Connecting in schools/offices


At these locations you should log onto the device and wifi as normal, and you will be able to open Access and connect with no additional input


At these locations you must use the VPN and be connected wifi. At some schools (SBE/TCS) you are currently unable to use the system.

To connect the VPN, click the Smoothwall VPN icon on your desktop 

Then locate the sheild icon in your system tray, right click and select show profiles

Click the connect button, and the connection will show connecting and and turn orange. When successfully connected, it will turn green.

You can now connect via Access as you would in school (Start > Access Software > Access). Remembering to disconnect when complete - by right clicking as above, going to show profiles and clicking disconnect.

Common issues

  • If you cannot disconnect the VPN, then restart your device.
  • You cannot logon to more then one device at once
  • If no ODBC link is present on the sign in screen, you must click the magnifying glass and select the Data Link in the list. If you cant see it, press the paintbrush icon to refresh the list