This guide helps with sending data from Arbor and BromCom

To perform a B2B Sending of Student and Attendance data to Worcestershire then the following is performed.

Note: It is recommended this is done once a week as a minimum.

Generating the files

There are guides on how to generate the files from the MIS Suppliers.  If you struggle to follow the guides then please call the help Desk and we will show you through Remote Support.

Arbor Guide

Please be aware that Arbor puts all data into one file

BromCom Guide

We recomend creating separate Student and Attendance files to assist with support.

Once the file(s) are generated you will need to download the files.

Sending files to Worcestershire

You will need a Children Services Portal account linked to the school.

Login Page = Login (

Username if you work in a school is usually your email address

Once logged in, go to "Secure Communications"

 It will perform it's own 2 factor.

Once passed 2 factor, chose Send Secure Communication

Choose Team

Then select the ChS Portal Administration team

You will need to enter a title.  You can set this to B2B {Your_School_Name}

Then you can select the downloaded files in the Add Documents area

Check the correct files are listed.  They will usually start with 885 followed by your 4 digit DfE number and have 885LLLL in the name. 

Then click Send Communication

You can check the files have been sent by selecting the Sent Secure Communications in the main menu