If you are having issues with OneDrive either:

  • Not syncing your files into the OneDrive section in File explorer
  • Not being able to see OneDrive section in file explorer
  • No longer having access to files in your OneDrive section in file explorer

Please do the following. 

The OneDrive app allows you to have Realtime access to your OneDrive storage from File Explorer, thus cutting out the Office 365 portal in many respects. 

  1. The first thing you should always check is if OneDrive is actually running on your computer. To find out, check your taskbar (on the right hand side near the date and time.)On the right hand side you should be able to see a blue cloud Icon this cloud icon indicates that OneDrive is working. If you were to click on OneDrive then it would say OneDrive is up to date, and it should bring up the school name underneath. Always check to make sure the school name is correct, just in case you log into the wrong account.If the cloud icon is grey or has a line through it then this suggests it isn't working. If you can't see the OneDrive cloud icon here, then please click on the up arrow/chevron and check if it is appearing there. If you still can't find it then click on the start menu and type: OneDrive. An app should appear, click on it and then OneDrive should start working.
  2. If you can see that OneDrive is not currently working then click on it and see if it is syncing (most of the time, if there is an issue, as soon as you click on the OneDrive app in the right hand side of the taskbar it will ask you to sign in).
  3. Always make sure that Sync is online and OneDrive is signed in. If OneDrive isn't syncing, then there will be a Sync button that you must click. If OneDrive isn't signed in then it should prompt you to sign in..
  4. If nothing above works then right click on the OneDrive app then click close OneDrive. After this, go into the start menu, type in OneDrive and then re-open the application.
  5. If again nothing in the above instructions fixes OneDrive then please restart the computer, and if after this you are still getting the error message then please reach out to Lourdes IT and we will look into this.