If not downloaded go to the App Store or Play Store on your phone and download the app the icon should look like this. 

When you open the app for the first time you will be asked if you want to allow push notifications to come through. If you allow this you will be notified notifications from the school so you do not miss important communication from the school.

It will ask you to create a 5-digit PIN for the account, remember to save this Pin somewhere as whenever you open the app it will ask for the pin.

It might ask you if you want to set up your biometric authentication (fingerprint) too to access the app.

Adding your account to MCAS Parent App

If you have your School ID, Username and Password all ready to go, select 'Username and Password' from the two options.

Once clicking on Username and Password this screen should appear, see below.

This is where you can add your School ID (if you do not know your School ID please contact the school) Username (this is NOT your email address, it should have been sent to you in an email) and the Password you set up for the account.

Then just press Add, your account should sign in and you should start seeing your child's progress at school.

If you have not set up your account - please follow the instructions below

Where is states Add Account above underneath the password box it states Redeem Invitation Code select this.

Enter the following information

School ID (which can be provided by the school, if you haven't got it)

Your username (shown in your emails)
Your Invitation code (shown in your emails)

Then select Redeem Code.

Once you have redeemed the invitation code, enter your email address and confirm.

Create a password and confirm.

*Passwords must be 8 or more characters long, 1 uppercase, have numbers and special characters make a good password.*

Select your security question and enter an answer. This will be used for security if at any time you select Forgotten Password.

Select 'Save account details' you should then be logged into the MCAS Parent app.

Any issues with seeing specific details for your child, please contact the school.